the definition of the trade and profession gets its questioning seriously here. bearing the knowledge and imagination onto a product, as a service, is in itself a delicate matter that has profound ethical and moral ramifications. past the "standard of care" expectations, "the architect" here, has to mend realities of all involved, which had or not a will into the process. as lots of other professionals, it all comes down to stitching realities and that is something to be extremely excited about. but, the most important part is making you a intrinsic part of the creation process, because ultimately, for the most part, your reality counts the most. I hope to be able to tell you, where and how a balance is important or necessary. but, if you let us drive the "reality", I'll strive to make it yours.


architectural design services

architectural services are either a stand alone service or included under the design-built formula in the project. we are registred in a number of states but have a NCARB certification which allows us to open a registration virtually in every state and province in Canada. also registered in a number of countries in Europe and through reciprocity virtually open to regisrations throughout. schematic to construction administration is part of the basic services but we are offering services ranging from programming to management of the entire construction or renovation project.



we have been exposed and tested in a great range of design programs. residential in all its forms is where we excel but also well tested and at ease in hospitality, commercial and mixed-use programs. the range of programs we have been exposed to stretches in institutional and healthcare.



our design is done on the latest software platforms which allows parametric interaction at all stages of design but most importantly to the owner, use of the parametric information in facility management. this translates in an easy follow up of all building components in operation and continual updating for inventories and commisioning. that is both all encompasing and sustainable, because you have a complete view of the maintanance upkeep which becomes particularly sizeble in the building systems.