regardles of complexity, coordination of a project is a great feat and most any client would need help to acomplish it. this is a role often and traditionally delegated to the architect, as the client's proxy, but more than ever before is now shifting and being done by a project manager. This is a result of increased complexties of projects, increasing division and specialization of the construction process and last but not least because the builder as the ultimate executor is adding it as a complementary service to an already complex project execution list. sounds logical and implicit then to say that different markets and programs be approced differently and to no surprise make management, a separate component in the traditional design/bid/built project delivery scheme. design/built, integrated/project/delivery, public/private/partnerships are delivery methods prefered more and more and that of no surprise since the number of stakeholders involved in a project is increasing and the rewards and responsabilities are naturally shared among all involved. however, regardless of the delivery method the contractor is taking the most important role in the process.

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design coordination

this is an implicit roll of the architect in the design process of a design/bid/built project delivery scheme, but differed to the contractor in most other project delivery arrangements, making it specifically a project management exercise. this is a reflection of a new level of complexity the projects are reaching. however scheme employed though, the architect maintenes the role of ultimate gatherer of design information, in order to produce it all. our full design service capabilities gives us the tools to round fully the design and deliver the construction documentation, in whichever role.

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construction coordination

this is a service disapearing by the day and a remnant of delivery schemes less and less employed. however, the role of client advisor (Construction Manager advisor) or client project manager (Construction Manager for construction) are the only two formulas used in smaller projects, particularly residential. this is a formula we recommend for a good number of cases in residential renovation in particular. a client would expect from its manager to provide a detailed scope and schedule and a formula for following the construction advancement.

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project coordination

this is the most inclusive and integrative formula which inssures the best control of the project. it can be performed under different formulas including the CMa and CMc and for the good number of reasons presented in the other deliveries, is the prefered one.