our engineering services are either complementing the architectural design services or are provided on an as needed base, in a form of consultation, estimates, commisioning or further referal to our partners for ultra specialized services.


structural design

mostly complementing architectural design and very often integrated in it, structural design is passionately bringing you the most efficient solutions with enphasys on new and durable materials. We are not thinking just loads, but assembly/disassembly, earthquicks, uplifts which even if not required or necessary is examined in the broad picture of durability and future maintanance. we are more than found to the traditional methods if proven right to the context but we are going the distance and expose to you the new approaces and new materials that seem appropriate to us for your examination and possible implementation.


systems design

complementary and complementing architectural design, this is the one aspect of a construction which will visibly balance the quality of living with its efficiency. we advocate passiv systems as a result of a great integration with architectural design, but never shy from the most performant and sophisticated systems in existence. and we do life cycle calculations parading the options which would give you the advantages you choose to reap. right balance between pasiv and active systems, maximization of energy captioning, integration of methods to the fine detail and ultimately analysis of the most sensitive against the most obvious method. the right approach is just the beginning of a way of understanding your building to the point you identify with it.


specialized design

to the degree you see this fit, we would call up on our partners to further deepen the design. think detailed envelope studies, acoustics, building automation, solar/geothermal energy generation, shielding radiations, the list is just beginning.