construction management

managing every single project, regardless of size and complexity is run under the same set of procedures. the ultimate scope of efficiency and predictability is a result of proper scoping, scheduling and estimating which are intrinsic to each other. design management and construction management together are ultimately a full service of the entire project management. regardless of the contextual formulas, entire project management is the most seamless and efficient of the formulas and for smaller projects ends up being a "turn-key". this is the management version of the design built type of a contract, where all management responsabilities of the client are proxied over.


cm advisor

direct advisor to the owner, is probably the widest job description with the widest spectrum of responsabilities. combinations of possible jobs and responsabilities are invers proportional to the client's involvement in the project, but not achieving yet the role of contractor. project typology is also virtually infinite. complementing and supporting clients for a project, defines also a particular type of confidence and trust with the client which in part comes from responding to the most diverse aspects of the business.


cm contractor

for a great variety of smaller projects, this is a fornula where the client maintains a great involvement in the process but delegates entirely the contracting portion of the project. this is one step away from full contracting, however, where not yet employing all the responsabilities. this requires particular contracting understandings between client and manager. it is a leaner management formula with potential cost reduction and/or control where the client is controling or exposed to the fluctuations of the market.


cm services

not the most usual formula, but one that has very busy contractors and subcontractors outsource management to the full project or portions of it. scheduling, cost estimating, construction site surveing, testing, are just a few possible services.