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quality for an object or a building, is intrinsic to its design and the care embedded in its details; the crispness of a corner, the texture of a handrail, the translucency of an adjacent space, the color of a door, the smell of a wooden floor, the morning sun rays coming through a skylight ... the obvious against the surprise, the feel. ultimately the design is our intent over the existing and the quality of it is not only a wonder for the ones experiencing but also a responsibility we all share for a better environment and ultimately a better world.




the best expression of efficiency, functionality is either a must or an indulgence, depending on the program or will. since a building is most times a structure that transcends its users, functionality becomes an intrinsic way of making universal its quality. if we would have to define it in a wider context I would say is the "space of least resistance". advocating it either way is ultimately the current user choice, but we will always alert you to the options at hand, examine further and help you commit, in a clear illustrative manner.





resorting to the "just right" structure, or systems, or finishes is what makes a building intrinsically valuable. the right balance between its capacities and its demands, is an art, which is expressed not only in its aspect but also in its budget. we make a point it offering you the spectrum of options available and illustrate it in the building's life cycle costs. we treat it with out most care, even if at times falls out of luster to the detriment of its aesthetics or functionality.




hard to emphasize enough the look of a building or an object, and even harder to distinguish between its qualities or determinants, in order to create a base for a statement of value, but we will put an effort in disambiguating it for you. we can put it in fractals or imageries, explain it as we see it or listen to the way you see it. most importantly, the findings should reflect the values you pick from the ones you've created or we helped with, giving it an expression that represents you and that you love to live with or in.




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