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architect, builder, developer, manager



the definition of the trade and profession gets its questioning seriously here. bearing the knowledge and imagination onto a product, as a service, is in itself a delicate matter that has profound ethical and moral ramifications. past the "standard of care" expectations, "the architect" here, has to mend realities of all involved, which had or not a will into the process. as lots of other professionals, it all comes down to stitching realities and that is something to be extremely excited about. but, the most important part is making you a intrinsic part of the creation process, because ultimately, for the most part, your reality counts the most. I hope to be able to tell you, where and how a balance is important or necessary. but, if you let us drive the "reality", I'll strive to make it yours.





reality becomes more so when and where vivid. building is a quality, most of us lost, in the continuous quest for specialization. this is a result of the division of labor, which exacerbated to the point at which, we are lost outside our cocoon. hammering a nail, fixing a faucet is an "expert" matter. that is the beginning of what I do, helping you not only get it done but understand it. but that is the beginning because I take it all the way to building complex structures and that too, having you understand it if not get implicated into the process. I understand construction, I design buildings and I build them ... and I would love to teach you, operate and maintain them. my aim goes beyond the built, I strive to tell you what it takes to change or remove the structure. yes, it is not something you dread about right now, but a plus and a sigh of relief when its turn comes. similarities to LEGO? yes, that too can be put together and taken apart, for all its benefits.



making vivid envisioned realities, is a quality one can muster, at a price. whose reality, who's benefit and at who's expense, are the questions always in need of rigorous answers. the division of labor and wealth for millenniums now, complicated enough the construction process for most to lose the benefit of a quintessential understanding. the vision is ultimately important, because as such the process of creating "reality" for most part, became a liability, if not to oneself, to most anyone else. how can this be mitigated? better answers to these questions are leading to the quality of existence, which ultimately is the only thing that counts to all of us. where are we all in this scheme?


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