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construction means or implies innovation and in conjunction with design it commends it. but that is why we pursuit design-built, to satisfy one of the most powerful urges: "find new ways". new typologies, new construction systems, even new tool design ... are being questioned everyday and resulting in alternative ways customized for efficiency or quality. this is an universal trait which we strive to take further and not only respond to special demands but propose reinvigorating alternatives. to keep novelties fresh and quickly share with others, we keep close to trade shows and exchange circles, but most importantly present them to you for quick implementation. not all of our projects need or benefit employing newer ways of construction or new materials, but we think that we all benefit from understanding our alternatives constantly.




every so many years construction industry goes through changes which are driven by all involved in this industry and which in the long run have positive consequences. materials, methods, acceptance are all advancing to respond efficiency, quality, cost, choice ... and increasing demands. if one thinks of a building as a "one off" then we are doing very well transferring the technology and methodology from one building to the next. still, virtually every single aspect of the industry is evolving greatly and will continue do so at an exponential rate. it is hard to say what one would stumble on improving tomorrow, so being able to see the novelty and employ it, is a state of spirit rather than a duty. we believe in it.






every single thing we do is in need of improvement and that is a constant. however, there is everything else, which goes beyond the daily route that we are preoccupied with as well, and not because we realize that the world is big, because it is, but because systemically and quintessentially is in need of a better definition; the "holly grail" of definition of novelty, and not the novelty for its own sake but fresh holistic new. if the constant improvement cannot be prescribed as much as it can be inspired, the systemic new is inspiration with new bearings, which negates the existing to a new set of values. the whole set of premises are being questioned, because yes, the new paradigm has new bearings. that is what we call evolution and we are writing it!




question the current assumptions! status quo is always the comfortable way of the ones in the existing condition. being busy at what we are doing is one way of identifying ourselves with the current, regardless where we are on the scale. here, we try to stay away from "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", but we also recognize that cocooning and comforting are our greatest enemies, a flow too big to always fence or fight. how else then? question the results, over and over again. yes, a new system validation is the result of multiple trials. definitely, this is not not the shortest way, but the one of meaning!




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