arch muse



its definition leads one unequivocally to representations with meaning. there is little left out there untouched my humans and also without graphics. hard to imagine the world without it, and when we find ourselves in one of those places or situations without, it creates an ambivalence of creed for it. we think we understand design without it, or implicit to it, but when we really need graphics, we think we have a way of using it without overwhelming. graphics, means efficiency and organization, in a world which decided to go that way, but which still has choices in the way of using it.

environmental graphics


high or intense use requires and eventually creates universal representations which are understood and accepted as unifying and integrative. it is a manner of communication which excludes idiomatic barriers. we can offer solutions or suggest designs/providers, to complete or complement a construction project, as a stand alone or packaged service.



art / photography


art is a way of representing a philosophy, and dedication to it is an expression to quality. here is only in reference to graphics with a substitute of our or ... your philosophy at heart. it is a one of a kind exercise and better expressed in unique products, which are either material or implied. think of an object arrangement or a rule in distribution of spaces. just to say; it is a service or an implied value.


virtual representations


complementary to many of our services we are providing either virtualizations of all our projects or create  ones for the simple sake of it. virtualizations, can help visualize or to the extreme, recreate complex conditions for better understanding or detailed calculations. facility management is geared more and more toward control and automation and our capabilities in this respect are extensive.

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