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our predilection is for minimalist design, in which we think the interiors as complementing components to the architecture and implicitly part of the same design process. Since we design and fabricate furniture and decorations, we can completely customize the "ornamental" to the architecture and your choices. but our partners will excel at making vivid interiors from "contemporary" to "your style". it is part of the design and if you feel comfortable with our vision, we would love to use all visualizing tools to preview you to the final product. In revers, should you have a clear idea of the interior design, we will reverse engineer it all the way to the architectural design.




interior design is either parallel to the architectural design or sequenced. if integral and integrated with architecture finishes and design options are part of the architectural design and is not only the cohesive but the most effective and efficient option. an interior design project, on the other hand, can be as superficial as rearranging furniture and decorations to a full revamping of the finishes and superficial reconfigurations. whichever project you are on, we would be happy to design and build.






furniture and decorations are very much a personal way of expressing oneself and we are sensible to your choices and values. custom, boutique or ikea, there is always a plethora of options which identifies your values to your spaces and objects: we proudly excel at enhancing the so expressed options. custom furniture is rough or fine, from available or rare materials, with expressed or seamless crafting; the options are endless and again an expression of you. we think we can help you get the best furniture value whichever custom way you choose over the open market, but quickly to recognize the available commercial options. enhancing your options is what we strife for ultimately.





from a new paint to surface repair, new flooring or new tile, we are happy to make suggestions and implement. add a trim, remove a trim, change the doors or change the lighting fixtures, we have suggestions and also ready to actually do it. using the right paint, stain, varnish, grout ... is complementary to the actual service of renovation and implicit in the new construction, but what we pride ourselves is giving you ways of visualization ahead of the actual work.




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